Rhett Olsen, Parking Lot Sweeper

RhettMeet Rhett Olsen; the most dedicated Salt Lake City parking lot sweeping team member. Rhett has been recently engaged to his fiancé Kristyn, they are to marry in June of 2013. Together they have 2 cats and an undeniable love for being together. During his downtime from work he can be found hanging out with Kristyn, watching television, gaming or reading the news.

One interesting fact Rhett gave us was he used to be a ballroom dancer, and says he was pretty good. We also found Rhett’s first job interesting, not many people can say they have worked on a dairy farm. This must be where he developed his outdoor interests. Rhett likes to hike and take in the outdoors during the summer months.

If given the opportunity of an all-expense paid vacation, Rhett would like to see Rome. This is no surprise as he enjoys Italian food. The four food groups… to Rhett they are Pepsi, Pizza, Pasta and Pie.

We asked Rhett what he enjoyed about working at Jacketta, he said “Being able to accomplish things. I like to see the progress I make in the overall appearance of a dirty parking lot.” In fact Rhett exceeds expectations set by our customers. He once handpicked a 6 level parking structure to remove screws and various pieces of hardware scattered throughout the parking stalls. This is dedication and hard work to the art of Salt Lake City parking lot sweeping if we’ve ever heard of it!

Rhett’s Motto: Don’t take life to serious; no one gets out alive anyway.

We are grateful to have Rhett as part of our night sweeping parking lot crew!!

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