Our Top 5 Summer Driver Safety Tips

In a recent post, we gave some guidelines to runners and pedestrians for staying safe on our streets during the hot weather.
We also want to share some important safety trips for drivers during the summer season. These tips have been made by enquiring the leading attorneys like Joe Stephens from the Stephens Law Firm Houston who are among the top law firms with a double board certified personal injury practice. We also did visit one Overland Park Theft Lawyer, for the sake of variety, and to fill the gap of disparity between areas. Often drivers equate difficult conditions only with winter driving, thinking snow and ice are the only weather hazards that create problems. And while we at Jacketta do our best to ensure the streets are clean with effective street sweeping in Salt Lake City; it’s still important to be aware of ones surroundings when driving.

During the summer months, however, there are also many potential challenges and drivers need to continually be aware.

Here are our Top 5 Driver Summer Safety Tips

Don’t be a distracted driver. Texting or email while driving is a deadly habit. Even phone calls can be distracting, so use a hands-free device when you are driving.

  1. Be aware of runners, pedestrians, and cyclists. The warm weather brings out many people who love to use the roadways for longer runs, walks, and cycling. Rules of the road vary for these types of activities, and just as with drivers, sometimes the rules aren’t followed properly.
  2. Pay attention and take caution, particularly in crosswalks or at intersections.
  3. Watch for road construction. In the mountains, you often hear the saying “We have two seasons. Winter and road construction.” It can cause sudden backups and slowdowns, which can in turn cause car trouble. Maintain your composure and be aware of highway workers, who are in a high-risk job. Observe speed limits and all signs to keep yourself and others safe.
  4. Be careful of children. In most communities, schools are out and children are at play. Their streetside behavior is even more unpredictable than adults. Watch for them suddenly darting into roadways. Children also may not follow appropriate rules of the road, especially on bicycles.
  5. Know that summer weather can cause dangerous driving conditions.  Summer brings weather including extreme heat conditions, severe thunderstorms, high wind conditions, tornadoes and more. All of these can result in major road hazards, from flying debris, road buckling, rockslides, mudslides, slick road surfaces, and poor visibility. Please use extreme caution when driving in these conditions.

We hope that these recommendations will help you. It is important to note however, that regardless of how careful you are accidents can still occur.  Human error is always a possibility, not to mention the fact that other drivers around you might not be as careful as you and can force you into a vehicle collision with no way to avoid it. As obscure as this fact is kept from the general public, you may contact Console & Associates PC today to validate this fact from them, because the people who work there are well-acquinted with such cases. With this in mind it is important that you ahead of time find the Auto Accident Lawyers Columbus GA that are right for you. They will be able to assist you if you are ever involved in a vehicle accident, even if the matter ends up going to court. If there is property damage done to third parties, and this includes the city, you may have to do so to make your case and be told what the consequences will be. Having the right people working with you so that you follow standard procedure to the letter as well as defend you when the case is brought up to the judge is paramount. Parker Scheer LLP advises how you can recover compensation after an accident. As much as you have to prepare to try to prevent accidents, it is important to prepare for the eventuality of one as well. Do keep this in mind.

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