Jacketta Sweeping Salutes Dispatcher

Most small companies rely heavily on its employees to keep the day to day operations running smoothly. Jacketta Sweeping Services is no exception—we couldn’t accomplish our goals without top-notch staff working together as a team.

Alanna Mumford, our Dispatcher is one of these great employees we are proud to call part of Jacketta Sweeping. She demonstrates her skill Jacketta Sweeping Service Recognizes Its Employee Alanna Mumforddaily, and always takes pride in providing the best customer service possible. An employee for over a year, she has stepped in and stepped up to do her job.

Her impressive background not only includes many years in dispatching, but she also has extensive office management experience, and is Six Sigma Certified. This is often demonstrated as an added benefit when she has time to help with the office, being able to suggest more advantageous procedures to help us improve business operations.

Working at Jacketta Sweeping offers Alanna a change from the corporate world, and she happily notes “I like being noticed for me; I’m not just a number.” The biggest challenge of the job is ensuring that the communication among employees is clear, and that everyone is updated on what is to occur.

A working mom, Alanna makes time for her 3 daughters and 2 sons, which is extremely challenging at times to say the least. Owner Debbie Jacketta understands the stresses of working mothers, and appreciates how much Alanna offers to the company.

She and her children are involved in volunteer efforts at local senior centers and rehabilitation facilities, just one more thing to add to her busy schedule.

We are proud to call Alanna Mumford a member of our team!

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