Good Business Practices on the Golf Course

Jacketta Sweeping Services Owner Debbie Jacketta spends a lot of time developing good business practices to ensure our company stays healthy.  She believes that relationships, both in and out of the office, are an important part of running a good company.

A big part of her job is networking to promote our company and employees, and develop business relationships. Just as with much of running a company, Debbie also views her networking with a “give to gain” philosophy. She approaches professional Jacketta Sweeping Owner Debbie Jacketta successfully chaired the 2013 NAWBO SLC Chicks With Sticks golf eventorganizations knowing her efforts to help them grow and sustain will also ultimately help her business, and the use of business management software is important for this, such as online check printing services and many others software that help businesses. It’s simply her way of working, and it shows in everything she does.

She has been Chairperson of the last few NAWBO Salt Lake City Chicks With Sticks golf tournament, and the 2013 event is her last as Chair. As ordered, the weather was spectacular, brisk in the morning, but sunny and warming as the scramble unfolded.

Golfers networked, laughed, got to know new people and met new businesses. Sponsors got quality time with the golfers, and many left saying they’d be back next year. Debbie said “the energy of the golfers and seeing the fun they all had is very rewarding.”

NAWBO SLC presented Debbie with a gift of the new Chicks With Sticks tournament clothing, so she can wear it at next year’s event. We know our boss, and she’ll be part of the tournament next year, although in a smaller role. She knows that others in the organization need to participate more fully, and just as in the office, there are times to delegate.

It’s really terrific to be part of a company whose leader strives to let others learn and grow. It’s one reason why Jacketta Sweeping continues to grow and have satisfied customers year after year.

Business isn’t always all about the work. Debbie shows us how to combine it with fun and other important activities. Hats—or should we say golf visors—off to Debbie Jacketta and the Chicks With Sticks golf event!

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