Traffic Safety Concerns With Equipment

Equipment from road construction, building construction, street sweeping, and other municipal vehicles seem to be out in force these days. Traffic safety concerns with this equipment are a high priority for all of these vehicles and workers.

As drivers, we should always be conscious of the extra activity, which goes above and beyond the routine traffic we might face. If you are involved in an accident and were to scour for more info here, you’d know that you’d be in deep trouble. Many drivers simply get impatient and irritated being slowed down or held up by this work. Often this causes them to drive unsafely, suddenly changing lanes or swerving and not signaling.

We also get frustrated as drivers when we’re not sweeping, and understand the impatience at being slowed down. So here are few reminders from Arizona car accident lawyers – Floger Law Firm, tips to help you avoid having an accident, being injured, or causing an accident to injury to another.

7 Traffic Safety Tips Around Equipment

  1. Avoid roads you know are construction zones. Believe it or not, it can be faster to drive a bit out of your way, especially if the road has a one-lane access.
  2. Add extra time if you are on a deadline. If you avoid the added pressure of lateness, you will be far more comfortable if you need to wait a bit.
  3. Be very aware of the other drivers around you and where they are.
  4. Don’t make sudden lane changes. All too often too many drivers do this at the same time, in a desperate attempt to get by an obstacle.
  5. Signal your intention to change lanes, and be careful to ensure the lane is clear.
  6. Be aware the equipment may need to change lanes, turn, or stop suddenly. Don’t follow too closely and pay close attention.
  7. Watch carefully for the workers who are on the street, so you don’t cause them injury, and learn more about what to do if the accident happened.

Street sweeping benefits you by keeping the road clear of debris so you avoid damage to your vehicle. It also keeps sediment and potential toxins out of the water supply. Road construction crews are usually repairing roads in advance of the cold weather, again helping you have a smoother, safer ride.

To quote Sgt. Esterhaus of Hill Street Blues: “Let’s careful out there.” None of us wants to be in an accident or be injured, let alone pay for consequences. As a matter of fact, anyone can be in an accident and the effects can be traumatizing. Check out if you plan to proceed with filling a claim.

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