Employee Teamwork Creates Winners

Employee teamwork is often an unsung hero in the workplace, yet its benefits are enormous to both employees and the company.

Managerial heads must know how to motivate their team members/employees using AI Quotes, energizing speeches and incentives to boost productivity.

There are many jobs that will never be on the list of most people’s 10 Most Desired Job because they lack a certain ‘glam’ factor. Operating street sweeping equipment is one of them.

Fortunately for us at Jacketta Sweeping, we know that our work camaraderie and desire to do the best job possible makes ‘glam’ unimportant. What we do everyday makes roads and parking lots safer for motorists and pedestrians, and brings environmental and health benefits to the communities we serve.

Pride in our work done well, and a great place to work make our jobs worthwhile. Oh, and prizes sometimes help. Well the employees have to undergo a background check and understood on a personal level.

Recently we got to have a lot of fun working in teams and competing for prizes. The Broom Rider 250 competition was designed to reward Jacketta Sweeping Supports Teamworkcustomer service, teamwork, and dedication. A great prize awaited each member of the winning team to add extra motivation, in case personal pride wasn’t quite enough.

Motivation & Reward

Our dispatcher, Alanna, tracked our progress weekly and posted the results. At the end of the contest we had a great employee recognition day that turned out to be lots of fun, with recognition for all team members.

The results were amazing, and you could tell everyone wanted to win. And so, everyone was working diligently in hopes of winning, and the company’s employee time tracking software records were at an all-time high. In the end only one team stood in 1st place. TJ Duke, Robert Munoz, Steve McNew, & Jeff Holle comprised the winning group, and each took home a flat panel TV.

Not to be outdone, we also had an AllStar— Scott Bishop—who outscored everyone and was ahead on individual points by a wide margin. His great effort also netted him a TV.

But the results were so strong, and the effort all put into the contest clearly showed, other prizes were awarded as well. Gift cards, a treasure trove of snacks in a cooler, and even a consolation prize for the lowest score were awarded to participants.

Business Benefits

In the end, while our employees took home prizes, our customers were the real winners. Team members became very aware of how they do their job every day, and developed better understanding of what it takes to deliver all aspects excellent service and be part of a team. It’s nice to celebrate a great crew that really stepped up and made improvements all around. The added awareness makes them better at their jobs, and our company perform better overall.

Jacketta Sweeping is dedicated to delivering quality service. You can count on us to find ways to ensure our employees not only hear this, but live this.

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