Illegal Dumping of Street Sweeper Debris at Retail Centers

It’s late at night around the local retail center as the street sweeper cleans up the parking lot. Making circles around the lot, the sweeper collects everything from dust, dirt, debris to cups and other trash around the lot. In fact, approximately 30 tons of debris is collected from just one parking lot! This is a lot of debris!

Once the clean-up is complete, the sweeper service is suppose to take the debris out of the lot and discard it in an off-site deposit. However, some companies illegally dump the debris into the local retail center dumpster – all 30 tons of debris! The retail center is then responsible for this additional 30 tons of trash and the sweeper company doesn’t have to pay for the debris.

parking-lot-1092981-mIllegal dumping of debris at retail centers can be a real problem for property managers. The dumping happens when it’s dark and there’s no one around, so it’s challenging to know this problem is happening. And, most sweeper companies seem reputable, so most property managers don’t realize the issue exists, unless the retail center has security cameras that view the lots. Visit Baltimore Paving Pros website for more details.

Ensure your sweeping service is providing honest debris removal:

  • Ask their policy on illegal debris dumping
  • Find out if equipment is pre and post trip inspected
  • Work with a sweeping service that has their company logo on all trucks
  • Install security cameras that view the parking lots and dumpsters
  • Watch recorded film of parking lots on a regular basis

Jacketta Sweeping prides itself on doing the job right, including properly removing debris from parking lots.

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