2nd Most Asked Question… “What do you do in the Winter time?”

The answer is we sweep. We sweep a little less, but we do sweep more than people think. Of course a lot depends on the weather. There are years with very little snow and warmer temperatures and then there are years like this year and last with more snow and colder temperatures. The street sweeping is minimal in the winter because there is no road or asphalt paving going on but we occasionally sweep new construction track out as well as gravel pits and our ongoing industrial jobs. If it is a dry winter we sweep our regular parking lot customers as usual. When we have snow in the parking lots, like we have this year, we continue to sweep the lots that are scheduled once per week or more. We sweep and/or hand-pick what we can. As the snow melts, with all the accumulated dirt and debris that makes it way to the snow piles, we are able to get that quickly cleaned up. If needed we can bring in the street sweepers to clean up any extra dirty areas. Lots swept once or twice a month are usually skipped until the snow mostly melts. If your lot has been skipped but you would like to get it swept let us know.

With that being said about sweeping in the winter, we do a small amount of snow plowing as well. We plow lots that are not too big and in fairly close proximity to each other. If you have a small lot or we get a heavy snow storm we can move some of that snow for you too. Currently we are not able to haul it away. But we can move and/or pile it up so it is not taking up too much space in your parking lot.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding service.

Debbie Jacketta
Jacketta Sweeping Service
[email protected]
801-455-2995 cell

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