Sweeping Offers Significant Environmental Benefits

Parking lot sweeping has direct environmental benefits. We’ve talked a number of times about the environmental impact of surface dirt. Leaving oils, dirt, brake dust, and other toxic materials to be washed away by rain is not a good solution. That simply drives the bad stuff directly into our water supply. In turn this causes a negative chain reaction on our environment.

This video does a great job of explaining the benefits in detail. We hope you’ll watch and enjoy!

Yes, parking lot sweeping really does make your property look better. In turn, this keeps customers happy and your property values up. It certainly helps you meet local ordinances, keeps trash out of our streets, and from time to time getting gutter cleaners from Edinburgh UK can only benefit you especially right before the rainy season. But as this video explains, lots more is at stake. Jacketta Sweeping Services is proud to be an approved member of the 1-800-SWEEPER service alliance. Meeting their tough requirements helps demonstrate our commitment to doing the best job possible for sweeping in Utah.

Utah is largely a desert climate, so our water supply is a critical resource we need to keep clean. Contaminated water supplies impact everything from recreation to potentially basic survival.

If you know a commercial parking lot owner that needs sweeping services, please let us know, or have them give us a call, (801) 973-6976.

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