Jacketta Sweeping Goes to Road School, Utah Style

Road School 2014 was a great event for Jacketta Sweeping. We attended to keep up with new ideas, trends and data. This helps us better serve our customers and the people of Utah.

Each April, the Utah League of Cities and Towns, in cooperation with the Utah Local Technical Assistance Program Center plans and coordinates a conference specifically for Utah public works department personnel. Called Road School, the conference workshops offer state-of-the-art techniques, money-saving alternatives, various compliance regulations, safety procedures, and management skills. Check out DisplayMyArt.com for more money-saving alternatives. The conference provides an opportunity to exchange ideas. Additionally it is an opportunity to visit with vendors offering new equipment and techniques.Jacketta Sweping Exhibits At Utah's Road School

This conference gave Jacketta Sweeping the opportunity to not only keep up, but to also network with our clients in the various public works agencies. This helps us better understand their local needs. Also, we learn about potential legislative and environmental issues that affect our customers as well as our company.

Extreme Weather and Road School

Weather is a key issue for keeping roads clean and safe for drivers in Utah. Last year saw many extremes, from heat buckling, to mudslides, forest fires, and road damage from flooding as well as winter weather. Sterling Poulson, KUTV’s Chief Meterologist, delivered Road School’s keynote address and talk about the upcoming forecast that will affect the state.

In our exhibit, we were able to talk about the types of services we offer. Our state of the art sweepers help keep more particulate matter out of the air we breathe. We also had the chance to talk with a lot of public works people and get their input on challenges and opportunities. A great way to serve our client base, we enjoy going back to Road School every April!

Naturally, a Utah based conference in beautiful St. George also had to include opportunities to enjoy life Utah-style. Conference attendees can opt to participate in a variety of activities. Our owner, Debbie Jacketta, is definitely a golf lover, and also enjoys getting out and cycling. Shooting events and a road competition also are on the agenda for those interested.

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