Safety Is A Priority

Safety has to be a top priority for anyone working at Jacketta Sweeping. Our work can be hazardous, and we must take care to ensure those we serve remain safe. As a street sweeping company, while we may have a small customer base, we serve the entire population of the area and its visitors. Jacketta Sweeping emphasizes safety with regular safety meetings

Other vehicles, construction workers, road workers, cyclists, runners, pedestrians, public works employees, police, firefighters—and anyone else using, maintaining, or servicing our roadways and parking lots must be kept
from harm.

To meet our safety goals, we constantly reinforce best safety practices for our workforce. We have regular safety meetings, and discuss a variety of safety related topics. These can include everything from reinforcing our company rules to learning about new concerns the crew has encountered. Everyone attends and is required to participate.

Understanding summer road conditions is a key topic as school’s are close to letting out and the summer driving season begins. It presents different challenges in weather conditions, as well as a significant increase in both road construction and traffic. Now that the economy and housing market are improving, housing and commercial construction is also on the upswing. Our employees need to be prepared for anything that might happen.

A portion of our meeting covers our safety record, to share how we’ve done against our goal of 100% safety. This isn’t to point blame, it’s to help every employee understand they must remain vigilant.

Our sweepers need to get their job done, safely. Jacketta Sweeping makes safety Priority #1.

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