It’s All About the Clean

Our job is really about making streets and parking lots clean. Employee Rhett Olsen in one who simply loves to clean. To him, one of the best parts of his job is being able to see the dirt disappear from a parking lot. “I love to see a real big mess,” Rhett said “When I am done cleaning, I get a good feeling.” At Jacketta Sweeping, we salute Rhett and heartily agree with him.

An employee at Jacketta Sweeping for over 2 years now, Rhett comes from a background of hard work, including the family farm in his youth. He’s brought that work ethic with him to our company, and his attention to detail Jacketta Sweeping Goes for Cleanshines every day. He understands clean, and works hard to ensure a job is done right.

Rhett does find the graveyard shifts tough, as night work can make it difficult to battle sleepiness. Our constant safety training, though, does help with reminders how to stay sharp and alert to avoid problems.

Another challenge he faces is ensuring the machinery works properly for the specific needs to clean on each job. His growing experience is making this easier, and Rhett continually strives to learn.

Hands down, though, Rhett says that one of the best things about working at Jacketta Sweeping is the open communication with management. “Being allowed to pave my course and come up with new ways that may help the company is very special to me” Rhett notes. “They always make me feel I have a lot of potential opportunity here.”

His helpful attitude doesn’t end when he leaves work each day. He also volunteers through his church, and helps out at a local animal shelter.

When not at his volunteer activities, Rhett enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Kristyn, and their two “ugly” cats, Lightning and Flurry.

Jacketta Sweeping Services is proud to count Rhett Olsen among its employees.

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