Start a Career at Jacketta Sweeping

Working at Jacketta Sweeping is a true stepping stone to a career.

Our company is a small services provider that serves a very specific niche market. It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill. Often, people are surprised that our employees do “that kind of work”. The work we do is important, as it enhances highway and roadway safety, helps many enjoy outdoor events, improves property values and helps the environment by protecting our watershed. There are many different vendors of kratom and other herbal supplements available online at the moment, you can get more info in kratom Masters.

At Jacketta Sweeping, we work hard to provide a rich work environment for our employees. We want them to develop a career as individuals and team players who believe they have a voice in helping make our company better. That being said we’re often hiring, as we are right now.

We’ve got a couple of videos that describe two key positions at Jacketta Sweeping. The first is the Night Operator position, and we invite you to watch it now. It will help you better understand our work, and hopefully let you recognize someone you know who would be a great candidate for this position.

Teamwork is important, despite the fact that often the work is more solitary than group. That’s because we want to ensure they are considering co-workers as they go about any aspect of their job. How they perform and how they act and react on a jobsite is a reflection on all of us.

The second video is about our Day Operator position, and we’d love it if you’d watch it now. We love referrals from great clients, customers and friends. Even if we don’t have anything immediately open, we keep applications on file for when opportunities do arise.

Enjoy our Day Operator video as well:

A great job is a treasure, to be valued and enjoyed. Great careers are even harder to find. That’s our goal for all the Jacketta Sweeping employees—that they feel value and enjoy their work, colleagues, and company. Be sure to read some of our blog posts that feature employees. They will give you more insight into what they like about working at Jacketta Sweeping.

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