Illegal Dumping of Street Sweeper Debris at Retail Centers

It’s late at night around the local retail center as the street sweeper cleans up the parking lot. Making circles around the lot, the sweeper collects everything from dust, dirt, debris to cups and other trash around the lot. In fact, approximately 30 tons of debris is collected from just one parking lot! This is […]

Employee Teamwork Creates Winners

Employee teamwork is often an unsung hero in the workplace, yet its benefits are enormous to both employees and the company. Managerial heads must know how to motivate their team members/employees using AI Quotes, energizing speeches and incentives to boost productivity. There are many jobs that will never be on the list of most people’s […]

Traffic Safety Concerns With Equipment

Equipment from road construction, building construction, street sweeping, and other municipal vehicles seem to be out in force these days. Traffic safety concerns with this equipment are a high priority for all of these vehicles and workers. As drivers, we should always be conscious of the extra activity, which goes above and beyond the routine […]

Sweeping A Construction Site Benefits Go Beyond The Visual

Construction sites require street sweeping for several reasons, including sediment control as well as keeping the site clean during the sales process. Both are important to the builder/developer, and the level of importance varies by stage of construction. Jacketta Sweeping Services provides this service, and uses state of the art equipment to handle the job, […]

Jacketta Sweeping Salutes Dispatcher

Most small companies rely heavily on its employees to keep the day to day operations running smoothly. Jacketta Sweeping Services is no exception—we couldn’t accomplish our goals without top-notch staff working together as a team. Alanna Mumford, our Dispatcher is one of these great employees we are proud to call part of Jacketta Sweeping. She […]

Jacketta Sweeping Supports the Community Through Volunteer Efforts

At Jacketta Sweeping, we believe strongly in giving back, whether it’s to a community group, a charity, or industry related association, volunteerism is part of the engine that keeps our society humming along. Many of our employees generously give their time to various things throughout the year, and we’re going to start highlighting them in […]

Debbie Jacketta Receives Woman Business Owner of the Year Award

This has been a busy, but rewarding month at Jacketta Sweeping Services. Just last week, our company owner, Debbie Jacketta, received the Woman Business Owner of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Salt Lake City chapter. The presentation was made during the annual Awards & Installation banquet, which was […]