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Start a Career at Jacketta Sweeping

Working at Jacketta Sweeping is a true stepping stone to a career. Our company is a small services provider that serves a very specific niche market. It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill. Often, people are surprised that our employees do “that kind of work”. The work we do is important, as it enhances highway and roadway safety, […]

Environmental Issues At the Heart of Street Sweeping

Street sweeping at its essence involves environmental issues. Caring for the streets by removing trash and debris and cleaning up after events are important parts of the job. Environmental issues can be escalated when street sweeping isn’t done properly. Runoff into storm sewers is a big issue.  In Utah we need to protect our watershed. Debris can back […]

Jacketta Sweeping Named A 2014 Top Sweeping Contractor

The 2014 Top Contractor list is out, and thanks to our loyal customers, Jacketta Sweeping has made the list! Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction™, the leading magazine serving contractors in the paving, sealcoating, pavement marking and sweeping industries, has selected Jacketta Sweeping Services, Inc. as one of the Top Contractors of 2014 in the Sweepers category. To be […]

Sweeping Offers Significant Environmental Benefits

Parking lot sweeping has direct environmental benefits. We’ve talked a number of times about the environmental impact of surface dirt. Leaving oils, dirt, brake dust, and other toxic materials to be washed away by rain is not a good solution. That simply drives the bad stuff directly into our water supply. In turn this causes […]

Debbie Jacketta Delivers Night Time Safety Speech

Safety is always a top priority at Jacketta Sweeping Services, so we were honored when owner Debbie Jacketta was invited to speak on the topic of night time safety at the National Pavement Expo held this January in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. National Pavement Expo (NPE) is the foremost pavement trade show for vendors and contractors […]

Illegal Dumping of Street Sweeper Debris at Retail Centers

It’s late at night around the local retail center as the street sweeper cleans up the parking lot. Making circles around the lot, the sweeper collects everything from dust, dirt, debris to cups and other trash around the lot. In fact, approximately 30 tons of debris is collected from just one parking lot! This is […]

Employee Teamwork Creates Winners

Employee teamwork is often an unsung hero in the workplace, yet its benefits are enormous to both employees and the company. Managerial heads must know how to motivate their team members/employees using AI Quotes, energizing speeches and incentives to boost productivity. There are many jobs that will never be on the list of most people’s […]