Other Services

Clean, sweep, scrub, and stripe – Jacketta Sweeping is just right!

Power Washing

Regular power washing with hot water, pressure and detergents can help maintain the attractiveness of your properties. Power washing is great for sidewalks, entrances, awnings, building exteriors, parking garages and dumpster pads.



Newly painted parking stalls, handicapped parking, crosswalks and fire lanes will enhance the safety and appearance of your property and keep you in compliance with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) codes.



We can tailor a portering program to meet your needs. We change can liners, hand pick landscaped areas, wipe window sills and/or hand pick the parking lot on non-sweep days. We can also remove any large items left on your property and dispose of them legally. We at Jacketta Sweeping simply do so much more than just street sweeping in Salt Lake City!