Parking Lot Sweeping

parking lot sweeperparking lot sweep

Parking area maintenance is critical to the operation of your business. Rely on our professional sweeping operators to manage your parking area maintenance. Trust the experts at Jacketta for your Salt Lake City parking lot sweeping needs. We use Tymco 210 parking lot sweepers with a gutter broom for curb line sweeping. These sweepers are ideal for litter, leaves, and other light debris, ideal for any parking lot:

  • Retail Centers
  • Office Complexes
  • Industrial Areas

Improve the first impression.

Your guests and employees develop an image of your company as soon as they enter your property. Dirt and debris are abrasive and can shorten the life of your asphalt. It can also be tracked into your building increasing janitorial costs.

Eliminate health and environmental risks.

clean parking lotPoorly maintained, dirty, or debris-ridden parking areas pose a safety and health threat as well as an environmental risk. By keeping your parking area swept and brushed you will avoid exposing your visitors to damaging pollutants.

We are experts – sweeping is our only business.

Jacketta Sweeping Service operators are trained to complete the job properly in a minimum amount of time.

Contracted sweeping services make sense and save dollars.

By avoiding staff expense, equipment costs, and maintenance your company will save money from the first date of service.

Warehouse or Parking Structure Sweeping

Enclosed parking garages can get very dirty. We use a Power Boss ride-on sweeper for warehouses and parking structures with limited clearance. These machines have a tight turning radius for easy access into or around small areas. The Power Boss uses a dry filtration system to keep dust particles down to a minimum. For all your Salt Lake City parking lot sweeping jobs, count on no one but Jacketta.