Street Sweeping

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When it comes to street sweeping in Salt Lake City, no one does it better than Jacketta. Environmentally, we can assist you in meeting governmental air and water quality regulations. Sweeping is a best management practice for storm-water runoff and a structured sweeping program can help to ensure that your business is doing all it can to minimize pollutants.

Construction clean-up.

Jacketta Sweeping Service specializes in construction site clean ups, construction site track out, sweeping before asphalt overlays and sweeping for roto-milling projects. Whether your site needs a daily pick-up or an end-of-project clean up, Jacketta Sweeping Service is ready to help and provide a great value.

Improved construction sites.

We put on the finishing touch so your crew can leave the job behind and return to a fresh start in the morning. Client presentation is more impressive when the grounds are clean, debris removed and nothing stands in the way of showing off your work.

  • Satisfy SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) street sweeper requirements.
  • Avoid violations and fines from not sweeping your streets and construction sites.
  • Pass inspections with regularly schedules sweeps.
  • Avoid having a job shutdown.
  • Our top of the line equipment and expertise ensures you complete satisfaction.

We use Elgin Road Wizards, Broom Bears, and Crosswind sweepers. All Machines are equipped with:

  • Signs
  • Lights
  • Flashers for safety
  • Water for dust control
  • Safety is our FIRST priority.

We know construction sites.

We’ve worked with Developers, Commercial Builders, Home Builders, Excavators, Asphalt and Concrete Contractors and Landscapers to clean and prepare construction sites.

Milling Sweeping

milling sweeper

Jacketta Sweeping has broom sweepers to manage milling sweeping projects. For Paving and Milling projects you need a sweeper you can depend on. We have experienced operators. Working in traffic provides many challenges.  Keeping a safe work zone is our top priority. We are experienced in Certified Payroll, Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon paper work and procedures.

drag strip

Municipal & HOA Sweeping

Increase efficiencies and save money with Jacketta Sweeping Service and our 40+ years of experience. Regular street sweeping keeps your city looking good, increases asphalt life and fosters pride in the neighborhood.

  • We provide daily, weekly, and monthly service as well as any contracted intervals that fit your community’s needs.
  • Access to the finest equipment provides the tools to do the job right.
  • Extensive vehicle maintenance program ensures reliability you can count on.
  • Operating your own sweeper is costly, unpredictable, and cumbersome.

We are experts – sweeping is our only business.
Jacketta Sweeping Service operators are trained to complete the job properly in a minimum amount of time. Contracted sweeping services make sense and save dollars. By avoiding staff expense, equipment costs and maintenance your company will save money from the first date of service. We’re the experts in street sweeping in Salt Lake City; why would you call anyone else for your street sweeping needs?